Prophet Badu Kobi has charged Christians to a live well rounded life and forget about being monotonous.

Prophet Badu Kobi said, as a Christian, he chooses to listen to some secular songs not because the Grace of God is no longer upon him

Speaking on Accra based Adom FM he said, “It doesn’t matter the genre of song, inspirations can be taken from every song. Some may dance to the beat, others may listen to the words but bear in mind that inspirations can still be derived from it.”

“There is this Shatta Wale song that gives me more inspiration and teaches me to move on in life and that is “Bie Gya”, he added.

Taking Over is also one of his songs that tells me to take over in life. These are the songs that Christians should listen and take inspiration from it and stop condemning people who listen to such songs” he said.


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