There are a lot of rumours in the music industry about exchanging sex for certain favours but not much has been made out of it because of lack of evidence.

Now, however, Dancehall artiste, A.K Songstress is making some new claims that indicates that there is some truth to it. According to her, she is convinced that some male musicians demand sex from female acts who approach them for collaborations.

She is not just saying this on hearsay; she tells Showbiz she recently experienced it and even vented her anger on her social media handles.
“I honestly had no idea of it until it happened to me. I recently approached one of the well-known artistes in Ghana with a huge following for a collaboration and I was sad when he went behind my management, got my number and actually demanded sex from me.

“He was like, ‘I for show something, that is what is done, he for feel something’, it was so disgusting and very annoying.

I mean how, I just couldn’t believe it. I was really rude to the guy, I did not take it easy on him at all because I felt I was being disrespected.

In things like this, there is no point in being gentle,” she said.
She believes it was not an isolated event as the musician she was dealing with implied in their conversation it was something that happened regularly.

“I am sure that it is something that happens in the industry otherwise the person would not have asked me. Apart from that, his demands and replies seemed like it is something that is done.


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