Zapp Mallet, ace sound engineer and music producer, is completely devastated by the high level of sex dominance in our Ghanaian society. Recently, president Akuffo Addo had an encounter with the media and Ghanaians are worried about the substandard questions asked by the press.

But Zapp Mallet has attributed the attitude of the press who had the chance to meet the president to sex dominance in our society. To him, the most dominating thing in Ghana is sex and that has taken over and destroyed the very fabric of the Ghanaian society.

Zapp Mallet posted via Facebook:

“Why are sm ppl disappointed with the journalists and the questions they asked the president? Noooooo. It’s just a mere reflection of today’s society. Our journalists don’t fall from the sky. A country where we care more about sex than our lives. Everything we do now is about sex. Alcohol, abt sex. Herbal, abt sex. Food, sex. As for music we know. There must be sex attached to everything we do else it won’t sell. So why should we expect more? Don’t blame the journalists. Let’s be realistic”.



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