An International Relations expert is convinced that keeping the Guantanomo detainees in Ghana poses a serious security threat to the country.

Dr Vladmir Antwi Danso said, had the two not been that dangerous, the government of the United States of America would have kept them and not sent them to Ghana.

His comments come after public outrage following revelations that the two detainees had been given refugee status.

“As refugees, they have some rights and you cannot infringe on those rights. But my worry is that people think they are of no security threat to Ghana. That is wrong.

“If the Americans felt that they were good, they would have tried them on the main soil and they couldn’t do that. They could have transferred them to their friends…Saudi Arabia is there, they are not fighting so why they didn’t they transfer them to Saudi Arabia,” he added.

The two detainees – Mahmud Umar Muhammed Bin Atef and Khalid Muhammed Salih Al-Dhuby – were brought into Ghana following an agreement with the United States.

They had been held at the Guantanomo Bay for 14 years following suspicions of terrorism.

They were expected, per the said agreement, to stay in the country for two years, but as the Foreign Affairs Minister, Shirley Ayorkor Botchwey revealed to Parliament on Wednesday, the detainees were granted refugee status by the previous administration even before the two-year tenure ended.

But Dr Antwi Danso is incensed that this was done.
For someone who had advocated for the immediate deportation of the two suspects from the onset, he says he finds it preposterous that the country went ahead to grant them refugee status.

And although the previous government had said the two were not dangerous to the country, the international relations expert said that cannot be true.

He said the two are not needed in the country and “I am seriously outraged about this. When people say they are not dangerous and that they are clean, these are things that should not become variables in determining whether we need them or not.”

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Dr Danso wants the government to tell citizens the truth.

He said the country cannot be made to take another’s vulnerability and insecurities and “transfer them onto ourselves to become our security problems. The truth is not being told to Ghanaians and the resolution has become problematic.

“The government must come out clearly and tell us everything about the Guantanomo saga and then we will be able to debate it in Ghana. It is what the people like that makes their foreign policy,” he noted.

He also brushed off suggestions that as it stands, nothing can be done about the situation since a refugee status has been granted.

Stressing that there is no international agreement that cannot be reversed, Dr Danso said “There is always a way of going back to any negotiated agreement. Any international agreement, you can go back to it.

“The point is that if America brought them to us and decided to wash their hands then, we were stupid in making it impossible for us to have an exit clause. But there is always a way of getting yourself out of such troubles.



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