Traditional leaders ,Drivers ,   and washing bay workers , has hit the streets of Tarkwa early this morning , when the cock has not yet crowed  in making their request known to the goverment.

Using that as a signature of how serious they are, the demo began at around 6am early this morning.

 When Traditional heads joined drivers, washing bay workers and some others to mount some noise, actions as   bum fire display, with some walking bare footed, with red banners on the hand, cars and heads.

 These drew the attention of most people as they closed various roads and decided to stop all cars leading to the Bankyim – Akyimpim road through to Anglogold  Ashante  site.

 This continued for about 2 hours when they finally ended at Tamso estates junction where drivers demonstrated in dancing and singing of   demonstrational songs.

 All with the message being sent to the president and his ministers to assure the various roads leading to tarkwa is properly constracted .

  In an interwiew with Owassfms ROYAL OBAHEMAA some of the drivers, sent their plead  to the government in asking him to give the road constraction contract to the different contractor instead of Assabea constructions

“We don’t want Assabea construction anymore; we want a new person to make a proper road for us  

 And it should be soon” they yeaned.

 Elder 1  , who is a member of the taxi drivers association   explained to owassfm that they have demonstrate on two occasions , “we did one during president Mahamas  time and this time too, all the only thing we need from him is for him to do our road for us ‘’ he said

“We giving the Nana Adoo and his people only two weeks, they should as fast as possible reply us with action not talks”

Because most of us are with wives and children and how do we survive with them jobless , if he can’t give us proper jobs to do , we plead with him not to take away from us  the once we have got managing to service.

 Meanwhile the minister for lands and natural resource honorable KWEKU ASOMA KYEREME felt a victim when all roads leading to and out the town  was blocked in gracing the demo.  




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