Actor, Prince David Osei has disclosed that he nearly lost his life in the heat of 2016 electioneering period just because he criticized the government of John Dramani Mahama.

The actor made this known in a post praising the good work John Dramani Mahama has done at the Kotoka International Airport in Ghana.

Prince David Osei was a proponent of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the lead-up to 2016 election that saw the NPP defeat the NDC.

During the period, Prince and other celebrities who thought Ghana needed change criticized the Mahama led administration in order to cause a change.

But upon realizing the work Mahama had done at the Terminal three of the Kotoko ariport, Prince David Osei could not hide his joy for the country and had to express his heartfelt gratitude to the former President.

His post on Instagram said “This is 🇬🇭 Airport..Thanks former president Mahama @dramani_mahama1 and Ghana Airport
Company Limited (GACL) for such a state of the art airport #Elohimbepraised🇬🇭🇺🇸..Gm fam have a blessed friday with”.

The actor who has suffered attacks from some members of the governing NPP further said he almost lost his life supporting Akufo-Addo in 2016 mentioning that he is not afraid of the attacks from the current supporters of the current government.

” I am a very Objective individual,some of you here chatting nonsense should not bring partisan bullshit on my page..Whether you like it or not was under his tenure of governance that the terminal 3 was built,let’s learn to appreciate good things and give honor to whom honor is due..When I was bashing Ex President Mahama and NDC during the 2016 election and supporting His Excellency Nana Akuffo Addo to the extent it almost cost me my life….Hypocrites if you have a problem with my post go drown yourself in the sea and block yourself it’s my f**cking page…I will always be objective in my assertion and any idiot who don’t understand can burn the sea,tired of too much hypocrisy and partisanship in everything we do in Ghana…”.

source :owassfmonline .com


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