As part the president of the republic of Ghanas tour to the ten regions of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo on Saturday June 9th paid a visit to the Tarkwa- Nsuaem municipality in the western region.

Addressing issues laid before him by the leading chief of the Wassa Fiase  Mporhor traditional council ,he mentioned that as a patriotic president he has never been and is never against  small scale mining(galamsay).instead  he only want to ensure that it done with the right process which would not affect our water bodies and lands.

 Our lands and natural resource such and most importantly water needs to be preserved so we would not suffer in the near future’’ he said.

We only want to put firm and appropriate measures in place for a professional mining.

  The president then announced that it  will be better we get some firm law that will last not only for  2yeras or would not be out of process as the Npp government leaves power,but will last forever

Addressing the public Nana Addo mentioned some river bodies like , river pra,and oti river which are in a mess state due to improper mining activities ,   using the colour of shirt to tell how even the ankobra river body has turned into

We will not give a blind eye to see all resources most importantly our water bodies go damaged.

 Since I am not against small scale mining we want to put proper measures in place for a well-organized and a future well planned country.

Bringing  his speech to an end he acknowledged the fact that he is in a mining area and mentioned he is from one as well  and so assurance of rebranding  small scale mining  is a thing at heart and very soon  the band will be lifted for miners to start work .

“Mining has been there from the time of colonization and there is no way we can collapse it ,it’s part of Ghana’s ultimate history , a money fetching resource which can’t be taken out by any means  we are only putting thing right for save and secured  economy ‘’ he said.


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