27year old Vida Amewuga a married woman ,has fried the hand of her 7year old perpertual Addae in a boiling oil ,claiming that she is a thief

According to a report by Mr. Thomas Amevour ,a chief farmer  staying with  them at the village ,the said madam Vida is said to have assaulted 7year old perpertual in many  forms  among which she promised of giving her an unforgettable mark one day . “We had called her on many occasions and warned her to resist from that but she will not listen and will rather rain on us insult ‘’ he said.

Reports reaching us says that Vida being a childless woman went to her brother at bronyianeiase a sub town in kejebi to ask of coming along with perpertual to Dompem a sub town in Tarkwa  for education , but since they came the best aunty Vida gives this small girl is maltreatment , is either she goes hungry for several  hours or  she eat without fish .aside which the worse has been done  by accusing the child as a thief  and dipping the left hand into a hot oil on fire until she secured a terrible burns and could not cry again out of pain .

The child after has been released by the aunty from the hot frying oil run helplessly to the chief farmer who rushed her to the hospital for immediate treatment after which the case was reported to the domestic violence and victims support unit(DOVSU)  who  called on the police for immediate  arrest and a case filed against her at the court.

On Friday may 31th the court sat on the issues and the judge concluded his

Statement with a 4years in prisonment and an amount of 6000,00 ghana cedis for perpertual  after vida has  labored and worked hard for mother Ghana .

 Meanwhile the husband and some relatives of the accused are begging on the  accusers to redraw the case home  and when it could not work because judgement has already been charged  stormed the police station  for what they called justice.   


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