A naked beautiful woman who appeared to be in a  mental stress at the moment was helped by a good Samaritan to cover up and given something to eat.

The good Samaritan posted her predicament on social media to find her family.

The beautiful woman appears to be in shock and is not speaking much, he said.

The social media user posted her pictures on social media to help her family identify her and give her the necessary help she needs, while expressing fears that the poor woman could be raped by unscrupulous people or be harmed by people for evil purposes.

owass news online.com hopes this story goes viral enough to get to someone who knows her or her family to come to her aid and help her out of her sad situation.

Nana Adu Appiah posted on facebook:

“Just came into contact with this beautiful young woman within the ages of 37 to 40 at Achimota ABC. I believe she is not psychologically sound at the moment. A little interaction made her wear a boxer shorts and agreed to eat something little.
Tons of efforts have proved futile as she only nods. I believe sharing her off can let her family locate her in other to safeguard her against societal odds like rape or to be used for rituals.” He posted sadly.


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